26 June, 2007

The Bookworm Kid

I've bought a few more books for Jayden. I hope i'm turning the kid into a bookworm.

These few that i bought, i think it's much better than the "First Words" series we've got ealier. The colours are definitely more vibrant and the pictures are real and more attractive. But of course they are slightly pricer.

Caught the little bookworm in action :0)

He's trying to pronounce certain words like "drums" and "rings". He has managed to do "tiger" and "seal" from the Animals series.


Hi, I'm having fun reading & catching up on what Jayden's been up to lately. hehheee, I know the cure for the compulsive something or other disorder - have baby number 2, then really no time to be compulsive over anything :) And don't worry about having to take care of 2, when you have 2, they take care of each other :) don't I sound like I'm contradicting myself??