10 June, 2007

Books.... And More Books

I realized I've been buying more books than toys for Jayden lately. And yesterday I went to pick up a few more.

Look what I've got.

I've picked up 2 of Sesame Street Play-A-Song books, Chester Crab with the Wiggly Eyes, Count with Me 5 Ducks and a music CD from Wheels on the Bus.

These fews are some of Jayden's "old" collection, he's been reading them for quite awhile now. I like this "First Words" series of book, it's where Jayden picked up words like "Bubbles, Duck, Egg, Car and few more other words that's featured in these books.

I like this Wiggly Eyes books cos' it kind of provide an activity for me to show Jayden when we read through the story. The eyes were meant for some simple illustrations where you can actually place your finger into each eye and wriggle them as you read. Of course Jayden will pinch, twist and sometimes bite the poor froggy's eyes!

This is another one that I like. It has this little tab at the side where you can pull it out as you read the story along. Jayden took quite awhile before he learned how to pull it. It takes quite a bit of strength for a 1 year old kid I guessed.

This is another one where you will have to push the little tab at the bottom to show the ducks.

I bought these 2 books specially for this little girl, for being so brave having to go through a week in a completely new environment all by herself. I really hope she and the mommy will enjoy reading these 2 books together.

Jayden enjoyed the Get Up and Go Songs with Elmo while I quickly go get my morning chores done.

Daddy and I are serious in cultivating the habit of reading in Jayden. And the daddy's so ethusiatic about it he's even having Jayden read while he's taking his bath!

I think the daddy is really getting very kiasu leh.


Hi Jayden's mummy,

the first words books (playtime, bathtime etc) look interesting. May I know where can we get them? Online or from any of our bookstores in Singapore?


Hi Lucas' mama :o)
I bought the "First Words" books from local Popular Bookstore.

Thanks! Shall take a look this weekend.