29 May, 2007

What's Up

I haven't been blogging diligently lately. Again I'm very much distracted by mapling and trying to level up Hoola so that one day she can go date the infamous Mr Zakum.

I wonder when will the day come. She's still at level 78.... sob sob.

But the thing is I can only maple whenever Jayden is sleeping /napping. And looking at the hours he's napping in the day, I doubt Hoola can date Mr Zakum soon. Maybe gotta wait another year...?!!

14 months and 2 weeks, this naughty fella is getting more and more active. He's also taking shorter and shorter naps. If I'm lucky, he could nap up to 3 hours. On some days, he will nap for 1.5 hours, waking up at 1.30pm and he will stay awake all the way to 9.30pm for his bedtime. Amazing. Why won't he feel tired?

Look at my little ferocious ogre. He's not very much in the mood for pictures....

My little ogre is weighing at 8.8kg, 78cm tall.

Brought him to the PD for his chickenpox vaccination this morning. The doctor again said the same old words, "Mommy got to beef him up a little more! He's still below average, underweight!"...

Sigh sigh I wished my little ogre could eat more too. In fact I thought he was doing alright, eating more cereals and porridge nowadays. I've also been giving him yogurt, cheese and bread which serves as snacks on top of his main meals. I have to put the 5pm milk feed back again as the doctor advised. It's the milk that makes babies and toddlers fat.

Drink Jayden drink, PLEASE.