22 April, 2007

To The Bird Park

Jayden and I were invited to Daddy's company's family dinner party that was held at the Bird Park. Complimentary entry passes were given for family and staff to visit the park before the dinner commenced at 7pm. Daddy came home promptly at 2pm and brought us there.

The visit didn't take off quite well.....

Firstly, Jayden didn't take his usual long nap before we made the trip to the Bird Park, he only had 45mins of sleep and he woken up by some flying exercises from the nearby Paya Lebar airbase.

Secondly, the weather wasn't good. It was cloudy and it started to rain heavily when I was about to give Jayden his late afternoon milk feed. We were sitting at the bench at the entrance area and suddenly the wind blew and the sand flew right up into our faces!

Thirdly, Daddy had to stop half way during the long car ride to find me a toilet because i had the runs!

But then, we still had a bit of fun watching the birds.

For me, I love the hawks show best.

And I think Jayden's favourite may be the flamingos.

Here's the naughty fella "posing" during the monorail ride while Daddy clicked away on his camera.

The dinner went ok except that Jayden was alittle cranky for not having ample rest and sleep. Daddy has to carry and pacify him most of the time.

I would prefer the zoo than the bird park because just looking at birds alone can be quite boring. The latter is also not "baby friendly" as compared to the zoo. The diaper changing area looked dark, dingy and dirty!

Next stop - Sentosa


Another set of great pictures!

Sorry to hear the outing din take off as well as the zoo.

But well, then again, it's always fun in retrospect, esp when the family's together!

i looooove the pic where u were holding him n pointing out birds? to him! should blow that up!

:) i agree its very boring to look at nothing but birds!

oh wow! so many birds!! can tell Jayden enjoyed the outing a lot!