05 April, 2007

Off To The Zoo

Daddy and I have been planning to bring Jayden to the zoo for quite sometime. Finally we did it yesterday. It's was quite an enjoyable trip for me as it's been like for about.... i think 10 years, since I last visited the zoo.

The trip started off quite well as Jayden fell asleep on the car ride to the zoo and continued sleeping as Daddy and I took our brunch at the KFC at the zoo. Jayden slept for a good 1 hour and was awaken by the combination of sounds made by the animals and the daddy's gently calling of his name. The daddy just don't want Jayden to miss out the action!

I must say that I'm quite impressed and proud of the Singapore zoo. It's clean, it's fun and it's very baby friendly! Each different stops at the animals are easily accessible by baby strollers and the whole place are made cooling with all the shady plants and trees and the automated ceiling fans at the resting stops. You can even buy cold drinks easily almost everywhere.

Even though yesterday wasn't a public holiday but the place was packed with school children (having their field trips), tourists and families and young parents with babies just like us.

During the visit, there were 2 scenes at the cafeteria that kind of.... well... how should I put it? Incidents that made me giving it some thoughts? Or should I say made my day more interesting?

Scene 1
"Ang Moh" looking at me feeding Jayden
Ok there's this "ang moh" lady.. ok better to call Caucasian right? Ok ok. There's this Caucasian lady who also happens to be at the cafeteria having her lunch and feeding her 18month-old son when I was going to start feeding Jayden his lunch too. I saw her feeding her boy with rice and some other red coloured looking food, maybe it's tomatoes? I dunno. I look towards them with interest but then decided to better not be kay-po. Then the daddy realized that she was also looking at me opening up my trusted Tiger thermal flask pouring out Jayden's porridge with curiosity.

Actually at that moment, I felt very proud of myself cos' obviously I'm feeding home-cooked food to Jayden while she was feeding food that she bought from the cafeteria to her son. Haha! I woke up 5am to prepare it you know. Shouldn't i give myself some credit? But come to think of it, giving so-called outside food to babies of 18 months old has no harm too and it will make it easier for the mommy not having to wake up early just to prepare their lunch to bring it out on the excursion. Dilemma dilemma....

Scene 2
A non-stop crying boy and a frustrated mommy
Towards the end of Jayden's lunch, there's this boy who's been crying and whining. Actually I think I've heard him crying and whining from the beginning of Jayden's lunch. The mommy practically tried everything to make him stop. She cajoled, she threaten, she ignored and evenutally she spanked him (must be at her wit's end cos' everybody was looking at the boy). I wonder.... if it were to happen me, what will i do? Do i spank Jayden as well? The kid was obviously not afraid of the mommy's threats and beatings at all it seems. The sister of the kid was trying very hard too to pacify her younger brother but it didn't help one bit. The daddy was no where in sight. At the end of Jayden's lunch, he was a little whinny too as he wanted to play with his new Lilo and Stitch cup. When I managed to stop Jayden with a firm NO, i realized the whinning boy and the mommy had gone.

Anyway. We spent 4 solid hours in the Zoo and the trip ended up with Jayden dozing off in his stroller when I'm trying very hard to keep him awake so that he could see the tropical birds that he missed when we first arrived.

I think I'm talking too much here. Time to let the pictures do the talking again :o)

This is the first time that I'm using Picasa to do the pictures... look a little small here. Click it and see the bigger version if you want.

Next stop - Jurong Bird Park.


The photos look great, enlarged that is.

I really like the shots. Jayden looked like he totally enjoyed himself tremendously. And those with Dad-di and Mom-mi... oh so heartwarming....

A lovely family of 3.