01 April, 2007

New Words, New Skill

New Words.........
Jayden has added a few new words onto his list of vocabs:

  1. star
  2. car
  3. kite
  4. teeth
  5. "Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaa" (not exactly a word but mimicking the sound that a goat makes)

The first and second words probably sounded very much the same to him and maybe that's why he's able to say them quite easily. I wasn't very much convinced that he could say the word "star" and actually meant it. I thought he's just saying "car". But surprisingly a few nights ago, while we were taking our usual after dinner stroll he pointed up into the dark sky that has a few shinning stars and blurted out the word "star".

As for the "Baaaaa Baaaaaaaa", it's definitely from Your Baby Can Read VCDs.

New Skill.........
Jayden is learning to walk too. He's been a little slow on this area, a few of his peers have already started to walk without support. But I'm not really worried about it cos' I've heard old folks saying it's either the baby will walk and then learn how to talk, or it's gonna be the other way round. Since Jayden's been learning words and saying them quite accurately, I presume that he's the "talk then walk" baby.

He's been trying to pull this stunt for a few times, hoping to get himself wet so that we'll let him go for a dip in the pool.

You can see he's still tip-toeing a little here, we are trying to make him kick this bad habit.

Walking into the lift with wobbly steps....

I'm getting backaches for having to bend to hold him while he practices walking. I just hope he'll learn how to walk on his own very very soon.


Walking!! Yeah! Very exciting!

But Mommy, please dun juz remember HH's shoes. (hugs and kisses for the gift!) Jayjay boy's shoes look a tad too tight liaoz...

Think it's a good time to get him adjusted to wearing the looser fits now? :)

Mommy Per,
Yes yes the Pediped shoes were indeed too small! His feet seems to have grown overnight! I've just upgrade him to Bobux size M, wearing them with socks just like u told me to :o)

I hope HH like the shoes!

gd job Jayden!! well done for walking and talking at the same time!! you are smart!

I'm happy to say Javier is finally begining to walk like you and attempting to speak a few words too :)