25 April, 2007

Mixed Feelings

As I read what I've posted, I realized I've started the last 3 postings with "Jayden...." Isn't there any other words that I could begin my posts with? Nah.... after all this blog is all about Jayden so what's wrong with starting off posts with "Jayden...."? Ok enuff crap talking.

You know, recently I suddenly realized that this naughty fella of mine have sort of grown up. Of course he has grown, stupid me. He's 1 year old now! But he seems to understand things better and actually listen and follow instructions.

For many months Daddy and I have been teaching Jayden how to stack on these shapey things, Jayden just refuses to learn or listen to us. And yesterday morning while I surfing the web on my laptop, I realized it's been really quiet, not the usual noisy Jayden who's always throwing things around and pushing his walkers all over the place. He's actually staking the shapes.

What Jayden is doing might not be be anything special. But to me it is. He's concentrating so hard on trying to stack'em up and ever so careful holding the tip of these shapey little things. It's amazing.

I guess right now I can say that I'm really enjoying my time spent with Jayden. Looking at him growing and learning rapidly just makes me feel contented as a role of a mother.

But I feel sadness too, for there's a mommy out there who's just lost her 17month old girl. For 17 months I truly believe she showered her lovely little girl with love and nurtured her with her heart and soul. And suddenly all had been lost overnight. Put myself in her shoe, I think I would have probably gone crazy or may be too devastated to carry on living. I feel for her and I hope she's brave enough to keep the remembrance of her girl deep in her heart and be strong to go on.

Life can be so unpredictable, we must treasure our loved ones.


hehe, Jayden's so cute - biting on to one piece while stacking up the others! Yes, I understand what u mean. Recently, I also found myself staring at ZY when he is concentrating on tinkering with his toys and marvelling how he's putting stuff together. I guess kids make us look at things differently and really appreciate life in a new way! 8)

Wah Paing! That moment I saw Jayden put that Blue Stacking Thingy onto his Mouthy, I can't stop giggling to myself and Maria thought - There goes Ah BaO laughing to herself madly in front of her computer! Madness! That's so typically Jayden Goh! Seriously, I've not been slacking at your house for like Days and see how Fast your Boy have grown! That's so damn Fast can! Blink blink your Eyes, your Boy have stop throwing his craps around disturbing my Peace while I'm watching my TV in the LivingRoom already! How cool is that! Next thing you know, Jayden will be wearing uniform ready to go to school! X)

Your baby boy is SoOoOOooO cute. It's been a long time since I heard from you ever since you deleted your knitting blog. I still remember you were at the 1st knit-out I ever went to which was like two years ago. Time really flies !

sweetpea: think u should send jayden video clip to the wed channel 8 program le. wah haa finally i can watch them all. so cool........

hey, where u bought the stacker? looks fun, i wnt to buy too.

our babies are toodlers now!
its really heartwarming to see how they have grown. all the videos are priceless!

i enjoyed the video lotzz!!! esp the part where Jayden puts a piece of stacker into his mouth to bite! how smart!