10 April, 2007

I'm Fooling Around.....

With Picasa that is.

I should have discover the fun of it long time ago but just didn't have the time to download it til I saw how pretty the pics can be at other march 06 mommies blog.

These pics were taken when Jayden was about 9 months old and he was fooling around too, with the juice spoon. At that time he was already getting very mischievous.

Right after we came back from zoo last Thursday, he was down with a bout of diarrhoea and a slight fever. It was quite awhile since he last had diarrhoea and a few weeks back he was even having constipation. I thought diarrhoea had long gone away from Jayden. I've tried to add stool hardener (in powdery form) into his milk but no luck. This chap is now too clever as compared to 6 months back when he took it unknowingly.

We brought him back to the paediatrician just to be on the safe side and was told that Jayden could be having a minor gut infection thus causing the slight rise in body temperature. What could have causes the infection? My bet is the persimmon that I gave him for breakfast on the day before the zoo trip. Ok no persimmons for Jayden.

Thank goodness now he's back to his usual self and the diarrhoea is gone again.

Read from the forum that a few march babies are down with fever, runny nose, cough, phlegm and all other illnesses. I hope they will all get well very very soon.


Gut infection.
Hate it.
And HH has kenna-ed this twice.

And I wonder, if this term is just a nicer sounding name for FOOD POISONING?

And I certainly hope it doesn't mean FOOD ALLERGY.

What do u think?