04 April, 2007

The Gruelling Routine

Being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) it's really not an easy job. That is, if you consider it as a job. I mean for me, it's sort of like a job. If not for Jayden, I'll probably still be holding a job.

My daily routine is really gruelling to some people. I have my brother-in-law asking me "You wake up so early for what???!!!".

5.30am. Is it very early?

The gruelling routine:

5.30am : wakey wakey to make milk for Jayden
6.00am : start the morning chores ie. preparing ingredients for Jayden's lunch and dinner
6.30am : clean Jayden's favourite toys
7.00am : prepare Jayden's breakfast ie. steam apples
7.15am : have my quick breakfast
7.30am : The boss awakes!

From 7.30am onwards, I can hardly have a breather with all my time spent taking care of Jayden, ie. bath him, feeding breakfast, playtime, go "gai gai" time at the playground.

Car watching and the morning walk is a must-do for almost every morning after he had his breakfast.

11.30am : finally rest time as Jayden takes his nap

I treasure this period of my so-called "break time" very much because it's the only time that I can have for myself without much interruptions. But still there are times when the BOSS decided to cut it short and wakes up early for his lunch.

From 1.30pm all the way to 9.00am, it's just all about Jayden and nothing else.

Now tell me, it's my daily routine gruelling?

So far this is the toughest job and role that I've ever taken up.

  • Have to be on "standby" for 24/7
  • The BOSS is demanding and unreasonable
  • You can't go to the loo as and when you like
  • You don't have medical and annual leave
  • You don't have medical coverage
  • You have to work even if you are sick, very very sick

And the list goes on......

Then why do I still take on this job?

Cos' this is what I get at the end of the day.

Seeing him smiling happily and calling me "Mama" just kind of melts up all the frustrations and tiredness. Of course once in awhile the routine does get me down.... and i know some of the things that I'm doing on a daily basis is totally uncalled for. Maybe it's just my stubbornness that I must follow this routine that I've set for myself or else I'll get very uneasy.

Let's hope I can strike off some of the chores (ie. cleaning his toys daily) as Jayden gets older and his immune system gets stronger.


yes, that's a tiring schedule! I always really admire SAHM! I'm sure Jayden will appreciate & treasure all this time tat u are devoting to him. It is evident in his speech skills! what a clever boy! 8)

Do try to relax here and there. Motherhood is a lifelong occupation. Mustn't burn yourself out so fast.
And rem! A Happy Mommy makes a Happy Baby!

your routine sounds hectic! waking up at 5.30am?? wow! i salute you!! great job Sally for having come so far. and i agreed with ZY's mum, Jayden is really a clever boy! your efforts paid off!