01 April, 2007

The Eyes

What happened to our eyes?

I just had my lasik operation done on Thursday at the lasik surgery clinic. Look at the silly shields that I had to wear for the 1st day after the operation and subsequently for the 2nd and 3rd night when i sleep, just in case the daddy or myself whootz at my eyes while we were sleeping. Today is Sunday, so no more shields tonight! Phew.....

This is how ugly and silly i looked with the shields on. I thought it's gonna be like a pair of glasses. Boy am i wrong! The nurse just stick'em on with ugly tapes! So unglamorous.

Jayden: " Look at this alien. She's trying to pull it off imposing as my mommy. They think I'm stupid???"

Ugly the shields may be, but I'm very happy now cos' I can dump my ugly glasses away! WooHoo!

Poor chap. He's got this sty growing on his right lower eye lid. It's been for almost 3 weeks and it doesn't seems to get any better. The paediatrician is very reluctant to prick cos' it's not gonna be an easy job as he's sure Jayden will struggle like crazy and it might even leave a scar if it's not done properly.

Hope the sty will burst on its own soon. Jayden sure doesn't look handsome as usual sporting this awful looking thing.


sorry, Mummy S, I burst out laughing aloud when I saw the pic of you in those shields and the "stone" expressions of you and Jayden! 8P

Ok, seriously - hope jayden's sty goes away soon!

Lauri sometimes got sty also. I put teramicyn (not sure whether I spell it correctly, it's for eyes) and it will subside the next day.

That's a million dollar photo you have there!

Good job Daddy photographer! :D

nice goggle you have! hahaha... frankly speaking, its quite a comical pic.

how's Jayden's sty now? should have resolved by now right?