24 April, 2007

The Clean Freak Mommy

Jayden must be feeling quite puzzled when I allowed him to climb onto this pole thing when we were at the playground a few days back. Usually I don't even allow him to touch it.

Ok I admit. I'm a clean freak. I wouldn't even let Jayden touch anything that's public. Even when he did (when it's too late for me to stop him) I will usually whip out the disinfectant wet wipes in the quickest possible time to clean his hands and / or face.

And I confess. Whenever strangers touches him, especially at the face and hands, I would smile and bring Jayden out of the stranger's sight and again quickly whip out the wet wipes and do the cleaning act. That explains why i hated this security guard at my place here. Ok that's another story that I will talk about later.

There's a medical term or psychological term for this kind of behaviour... was it compulsive or something disorder.....don't know what is the darn term.

The thing is Jayden loves to put his hands into his mouth to chomp (must be the teething!) or rub his eyes whenever he's bored or tired and that's how the sty came about (i suspect!). Who knows what the stranger has touched before he go sayang Jayden's cheek? And what if a kid who's just sneezes touches the pole thingy at the playground before Jayden held onto it?! Unthinkable.

But then life is just like that, we have to take the risk. Daddy chided me for being such a clean freak. How is Jayden going to build up his immune system if I were to be forever so protective about it? Does it mean that Jayden will not go to the playground?

I know. I had to let go. I let Jayden go hold on to whatever this pole thingy is supposed to be called. I even let him touch whatever he fancies at the playground. He's a 1 year old kid now, time to relax a little and be less particular about such stuff....

And when we reached home, first thing I did was to wash Jayden's hands and legs with Cetaphil.


Ha ha ha You sound a lot like me!

Sally, you are refering to 'obesessive compulsive disorder. and hey! i'm a clean freak too to the extent my dad chided me for being so 'clean' for what.

hehehehehe so there are many clean freaks here! me too! but like u i've learnt to let go but hor i m lazier lah. hmmm when i carry jayden u got run to a corner n clean anot?

lily, Missy, Lotti,
Haha! Glad to know that I'm not the only clean freak out here! :o)

Oooooooh to that's the right term! Thanks, now I can put a name to it! :o)

Erm.... you are not stranger wor. I know you and seen and talked to you many times liao leh :P