06 March, 2007

The Woes, It's Here Again.....

And that's the reason why Jayden was tossing and turning yesterday night. His 5th and 6th tooth is sprouting at the same time. He had problem getting into his nap too this afternoon.

He was whinning... and then it led to crying, for about 15mins before i could make him go into his usual late morning nap which became the early afternoon nap. I had to give him a 4oz milk cos' i can foresee that the lunch will be affected and eventually he will miss his 5pm milk feed if i were to let him take his nap without taking his milk. Sounds confusing? Never mind.

It wasn't that bad for his two upper central incisors, in fact he was behaving quite alright when the 2 were sprouting at the same time.

With all these talking about tooth sprouting here and there, wouldn't it be less mind boggling if i had a chart to show? Here it is! Again all thanks to Mommy Per! Wouldn't have anything to show if it weren't for her little tip! Isn't she brilliant?