13 March, 2007

The Party

Yes the party is over. Jayden has finally turned 1 year old! I had to take 2 days to really settle down, look thru' the pics and gather my thoughts before i can really do any actual blogging.

Same time last year i was crying in East Shore hospital and it was the 3rd day Jayden was born, all because i didn't have enough milk for him. My milk flow wasn't established and he was too hungry to wait.

Anyway one should not always look back but look forward for many good things to come. I'm just contented watching Jayden grow day by day.

Everything went smoothly except a few hiccups:

  1. Jayden was down with fever and runny nose just 1 day before the party! But he was really a great sport during the party. Never once did he cry and even allow 爺爺 to carry him for quite awhile.
  2. One of the aircon in the clubhosue was down and the whole room was really hot and stuffy! I could see many guests perspiring. I had to ask my dad's maid and the daddy to bring 2 standing fans!

And all thanks to the following people! The party wouldn't have gone smoothly if not for them!

  • Ginny 阿姨 for helping daddy to put up the birthday decorations at the clubhouse and helping to entertain the guests.
  • 爺爺 and 外公 for helping to carry Jayden while the mommy had to go entertain the guests a bit.
  • The 2 姐姐s and Nicholas 哥哥 for helping to blow the balloons for decorating the clubhouse.
  • Aunty Ruby (my dad's maid) for carrying the fan and packing the leftovers.
  • And 阿寶阿姨 for helping to entertain the guild members from MapleStory.
  • Must not forget Uncle Victor for entertaining daddy's VIPs!

Now we let the pics do the talking :o)

The deco of the clubhouse and it's where we held the party.

The people who came.

The kids having fun even before the party started!

The buffet, from Neo Garden. I must say the honeydew sago (which was not in the pic) tasted real good! 阿寶阿姨 had 2 bowls of rice with just the curry, so you can imagine how good it was!

Jayden with mommy and her pals!

Jayden with mommy and all her MapleStory diehard guild members!

The naughty 姐姐s. These 2 are Jayden's cousins. Elizabeth (the one with the hairband) and Natalie (the one holding onto the green balloon).

Jayden with 爺爺。

Jayden with 公公。

Jayden with Ginny 阿姨。

Jayden in his "throne" for the day.

Jayden's cake, from Choc A Bloc. Choco-licious! The whole cake was almost wiped out as most of the kids ask for a second helping.

Jayden in action, trying to poke his finger into the chocolate fudge.

"Erm.... why is everybody standing at the other side of the table?"....

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jayden... he seems to be in shocked! Haha!

And the gifts that Jayden received...

But wait!

This is the first official gift that Jayden received 2 days before his birthday! A big "Thank you" to Aunty Janie (Clara's mom)! It's a great gift with Jayden's favourite Sesame Street character - ELMO!

After a hard day's work, we finally can sit down together and go thru' the gifts.

We missed out taking a pic of this nice door sign at the clubhouse, so daddy stick it on our apartment's maindoor and took a shot of it. I really like this door sign.

After 2 weeks of preparation, the party is just over in 3 hours.

So after turning 1 year old, what are we gonna look forward to?........

Well, for me i'm looking forward to the day that Jayden will be able to walk on his own, or better still, go to the toilet on his own! And also the day that i can send him off to a 2-3 hours playgroup kind of thing, so at least i can have some spare time to myself.

Jayden please eat more and grow big faster!


How lovely!!!

A beautiful event! The deco, the setup... the birthday boy and his family...

It's a party anyone would be proud of. :)

Thumbs UP!

u must be so proud of your boy and yourself, not forgetting ur DH.

a belated Happy Birthday wish from me. :)

nice work! the decors, the cake and eveything else and of coz not forgetting the birthday boy and his proud daddy and mummy.