12 March, 2007

More Videos To Share

Take a look at the latest videos that the daddy has taken, that is if you not tired of looking at Jayden's goofy expressions and babblings :o)

"If you're happy and you know, you clap your hands...."

Daddy.... Eyes... Who naughty... Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes (NOT AGAIN!?)


Happy B-day to Jayden! I see that Jayden has the same problem like Lauri. Picky eater. Until today, she still eats very little, so I give her more milk. 1 day I give her 32 oz milk.

Hi Lily,
Jayden thanks you for the birthday wish :o) Oh yes Jayden is a picky eater alright. At least Lauri drinks milk, Jayden takes very little milk, at a max. of only 480ml (abt 16oz) a day!