03 March, 2007

Growing Up Gifted

Thanks to Mommy Per and Mommy Missy for your kind suggestion and idea for the introducing of new food to Jayden :o) I'll surely take heed for my next attempt. But for now it's back to the basic all-mix porridge for this picky little fella. I still need a little more time to brace myself for the next setback IF it's not gonna work again!

But for today i'm rather proud to declare that it's a jar-food free day for Jayden. Every meal that he had was fresh and home-made (except for the cereals).

Cereals accompanied by steamed ORGANIC apples for breakfast.
All-mix porridge (with the additional of leftover ORGANIC apples from breakfast) for lunch.
All-mix porridge for dinner (mind you it's cook fresh and not leftover from lunch!).

I know they are pretty good meals cos' Jayden finished almost everything! I'm a happy mommy today! WooHoo! I feel good!

What's more this afternoon was the first Growing Up Gifted lesson that Jayden's gonna attend! We were really looking forward to it. I've carefully planned Jayden's naptime so that he'll have ample rest and be in tip-top condition for his first lesson. There's this rave about GUG going on, the classes are very much sought and was told that they were usually quickly filled up. Wait lists are long. Must give credit to Mommy Kei for helping Jayden getting a slot :o)

I quite enjoyed myself during the lesson and i'm sure Jayden did too cos' he was:
excited to see so many different types of the toys on the floor before the lesson starts
intrigued by the green wormy muppet that the trainer was using
fascinated with the bubbles that trainer blew

and lastly......

surprised that the mommy allowed him to get all dirty and messy with his hands mixing up the yogurt and Hershey's chocolate sauce! Oh yes i'm pretty surprised myself too.... but since the trainer said it's good for the left brain and right brain development (ok i'm not pretty sure what kind of theory was that), i don't see any reason why i shouldn't let Jayden have some fun. I wished daddy was there to snap a pic of Jayden with all the chocolate sauce smeared around his cheeks but too bad that only 1 parent is allowed during the lesson.

So does it mean that after attending all these GUG lesson my boy's gonna be gifted? Hmmm..... i sure hope so. Actually all i wish is for Jayden to grow up to healthily and happily. But i'm sure looking forward to the next lesson.

No pics of chocolate-smeared cheeks but i present you the little King of my life :o)


Jayden definitely had fun! N I had so much fun just watching him!

Daddy must standby next lesson outside the room for photo moments!!!