21 February, 2007

Tough Day

That's how it was today. A tough day. It's one of those days that Jayden isn't in a much cooperative mood. And it's also one of those days that I'm not in my better form.

My neck and shoulder is aching, but still i wanted to go ahead and cook a proper lunch for him as planned. It was rather stressful as it's my first attempt cooking porridge over the stove (i use the slow cooker) and it's also the first time that Jayden will be tasting fish this afternoon. The porridge turned out just ok. I scraped off the steam fish into smaller pieces and checked for bones (just in case...). I patiently waited for him to wake up from his afternoon nap.

The result was disappointing. Jayden didn't like the fish and he's not in the mood for porridge as well. After a few mouthful he started sticking out his tongue and used his fingers to scrap off the fish meat that's sticking on it. Messy and fishy-smelly. I think he's missing his jar food. Very frustrating and disappointing but i'm not slamming the bowls and cup yet.

Things didn't get any easier during dinnertime. Daddy helped prepare Jayden's dinner while i was in the shower, he didn't mash the broccoli fine enough and so the whole sticking-tongue-out-scrapping-off action started again. Messy, very messy. Daddy quickly cleared the bowls, cups and plates before i can fly them off at the sink.

Sigh... i think i need a vacation. Fairy godmother, genie, anyone please. Send me off to an beautiful island so that i can just lie by the beach and slack. Send me and masseuse if you can and don't forget to ask her to bring me my laptop with a forever-lasting battery and i must have perfect internet wireless connection at any part of the island.... i wanna maple 24/7 with a 2x EXP card!

Ok enough daydreaming... it's back to reality.