18 February, 2007

New Year, New Surprises

The lunar new year started with a blast. Jayden gave us not 1, but 2 surprises. The daddy was totally elated.

First Surprise
After weeks of teaching Jayden how to clap his hands, he finally did it, though with only 1 hand moving, slapping onto the other palm to make the very soft clap sound.

Second Surprise
2 evening back, as usual after his dinner porridge Jayden kek-ed sai in his high chair. I wanted to clean his butt up but the daddy volunteered to do so. So i went to wash up the plates and cups. The daddy called for me loudly. I dropped what i was doing and rush into the room.

"Jayden, where's your eyes?" The daddy asked. Jayden used his index finger and slowly pointed to the corner of his eyes. He even said the word "eyes". The daddy then excitedly told me how Jayden suddenly just stop doing what he was doing while the daddy was putting on his diaper and suddenly heard what Jayden said.. etc...etc...

Jayden arh Jayden, why don't wait til Mommy's turn to put on your diaper then you do the magic act leh? Aiya.

And today is the first day of the lunar new year, Jayden received his first ang pow from daddy and me.

"Look, my first ang pow from daddy and mommy...."

"I wonder how much is it in there....."

"I think it's way too big to fit into my wallet leh..."

"Never mind, i ask daddy help me deposit into the bank! Wahaha!"

And i do hope there will be more pleasant surprises to come from Jayden :o)

Looking back at the same day of last year, Jayden was still in my tummy.... Now he's sleeping in his little playpen while i'm typing this post. Time really passes quickly. 3 more weeks and he'll be turning 1. It's time i should go order his birthday cake and buy the birthday decorations.

A new year... goodbye doggie and welcome the piggy.....

Happy Lunar New Year :o)


wow, cool, a MapleSEA ang pow! hehe! looks like jayden's another future MapleSEA player! next time, he and ZY can play together! (cos ZY also kept eyeing the colorful screen when daddy's playing!)


Jayden's a little linguist!!!

Even though I am exactly in the position to feel so, but I feel so proud of him! :)