26 February, 2007

Never Say Die Attitude

No i'm not talking about the energizer batteries here. I'm talking about me cooking lunch for Jayden. After the fish and cooking porridge over the stove incident i haven't given up hope, yet. Again i tried.

Chicken Macaroni (Saturday 24 Feb)
Complimentary recipe thanks to PerPer. Wasn't quite a great success, but at least Jayden finished 1 bowl of it. He took 1 hour. Daddy said it was the longest time recorded he took to finish up his lunch.

Steam Cod Fish With White Sauce (Sunday 25 Feb)
Again must thank PerPer for the tip on using cod fish instead of Ngor fish. Supposedly to be less fishy smelling. This time round i take extra precaution, adding tomato while steaming the fish. Result was encouraging. I had daddy to mix the fish with the so-called home-made white sauce, then serve it to Jayden together with oatmeal cereals. Recorded time, 30mins. Great achievement! I was rather motivated.

Steam Cod Fish, Plain porridge with Japanese Sweet Potato, Steam broccoli and cauliflowers (Monday 26 Feb)
Feeling rather motivate, i pulled the stunt again, hoping this time round Jayden would eat more of the cod fish. I even cooked plain porridge but spice it up with just a few small pieces of Japanese sweet potato. The result - too exasperating, too dejected, too disheartened to elaborate more.

1 out of 3 attempts worked. I can only take this much of disappointment. More of it and i think i will go berserk. So now it's back to jar food for lunch, no more daring cooking experiments. My energizer batteries have ran out of energy.