27 February, 2007

A Better Day

Enough lamenting about how bad my cooking attempts were. The daddy suggested giving Jayden his favourite jar food for today's lunch to make all our life easier and that's it.

I've decided to let today be a fun-filled day for Jayden or at least a stress-free day for myself.

Morning bath is my favourite time of the day with Jayden. We sing, read and play while i gave him his bath ;o)

"Gotta cover up fast before mommy take pics with my vital parts showing!"

The bath book in red, titled "Spot's Bath" is Jayden's favourite bath book. He love to flip the pages while i read him the story.

This wall is dedicated to Jayden. Those were the daddy's work hanging on the wall.

Jayden admiring the daddy's work, mesmerize by so many of his own pictures.

Getting ready to start mapling, Jayden?

"Punchin' punchin', more punchin'!"

At this moment while i'm typing out this post Jayden is sleeping soundly in his play pen and the jar food is being heated up in the steamer. It's really a much easier day as compared to yesterday.


Poor mommy...

One idea here. Sounds a little unappetising, but u can try introducing new foods with his favourite jar food. Be it plain porridge/fish/steam veg.

He may take to them better. If it works, then slowly reduce the amount of jar food and increase the amount of fresh foods. Do it slowly over a week or two.

Hope it helps!

dun despair, have lots of patience. i'm sure Jayden will accept your new creations readily very soon. Jav is also a fussy eater and i'm trying to intro new food slowly. Try Per's method, feed new food with his fav food. i did that this morning, fed him something new this morning, its cereal (he hated it) with banana (his fav fruit) and he managed to finished 3/4 of cereals with banana this morning!