14 January, 2007

An Overdue Post

Oh gosh, i haven't been blogging about Jayden's progress for the past 3 weeks! Been much distracted by something else that i wouldn't wanna mentioned... So now i gotta back track and post the past happenings and major events for the past 3 weeks!

But first, i gotta have this post up and running first. This has been a long overdue post that Janie (Clara's mom) been waiting for.
To Janie,
So sorry to have keep you waiting... finally i managed to put up this post and the pics :o) Hope you like these pics!

When Clara meet Jayden on 23 Dec'06....

Jayden: "Come with me....."

Clara:"But where are we going?....."

Jayden: "ok i go liao......"

Jayden: "I chob my doggie bone hammer first!"

Jayden sayang Clara

Clara trying to sayang Jayden

It's Snack Time!

Clara : "Yum yummy!"

Jayden: "This new snack is a little hard to bite...."

Clara: "I love your snacks, hee hee...."

Jayden: "Gimme back my snacks!"

Jayden: "She's eating my snacks again!"

Jayden: "Mommy said I must learn the virtue of sharing..."

Clara is such a sweet-natured charming girl. I dunno about Janie but i'm sure looking forward to seeing more of Clara!

Ok gotta go catch up with more posts for Jayden's Journey!