19 January, 2007

In The Shopping Cart

That's where Jayden was sitting in, while we shop around in Ikea this afternoon. Well... he's on it for just a short while.

It's the first time he's gone on the shopping cart. He's pretty exhilarated sitting in it, probably due to the cold air that's swirling around him while i pushed the cart with a little extra speed.

So why was Jayden in Ikea? Well, daddy came home from KL yesterday and decided to take a day off and so we made a trip to the new Ikea store at Tampines to get Jayden a box for his toys and also a nice cushion pad for his spartan looking highchair.
It looks kinda comfy now with that little crab cushion.
Thank goodness there's just a small crowd in Ikea Tampines today. I remembered the first we visited the store when it was first opened, total nightmare.

And did i mention that Jayden knows how to suck from a straw? Just a little demo from daddy and he did it! I was grinning from ear to ear when he succeed in that and i'm so very proud of him!

My little boy has grown up, hasn't he? ;o)