23 January, 2007

The Hair Issue

Jayden's hair is getting a bit long.

I want it cut.

Daddy wants him to grow it.

And look at what Jayden's aunty did.....

"What's this thingy on my head????"

"Hey i look stylo-malo rite?!"

Jayden made me very happy today, he finished up a 6oz chicken pasta jar food. In the past he can only finish up at most 3/4 of it. No more wastage! :o)


wahaha, Jayden looked so funny & cute with that hairband - like some funky wannabe!

Hey! Jayden looks like a girl girl with the hairband. so cute!

hehee, my son has a photo like this too - only he was much older and his sister inflicted the hairband on him :)