16 December, 2006

Teething Woes, Exchanges of Happiness

Monday and Tuesday were bad days. Daddy was away on business trip again and Jayden was cranky. He was so cranky on Monday night that i was totally lost in finding ways to pacify him, i just had to let him cry it out in his playpen. And my menses just know how to find the right timing to visit me. I was cranky too but i wasn't teething, it's the PMS, or should i say OMS (on-going menstrual syndrome).

Again i attributed Jayden's crankiness to teething. His 2nd right bottom tooth was sprouting and i regret i didn't get the teething gel ready. The first tooth wasn't that bad, then why the 2nd one was more painful than the first tooth and that's why the crazy mood? Argh. Now i really dread the sprouting of his upper teeth. The teething gel is on the stand-by.

Wednesday was a much better day. I was looking forward to a buffet lunch cum gathering with Mar'06 mommies from the forum, and also to daddy's coming home.

Saw a couple of new faces and some familiar ones. The buffet spread was good and i actually quite enjoyed meeting the mommies and babies again. I just wished i could have more time to eat.

We had a X'mas gift exchange for the babies for the lunch gathering and this is what i bought.

I picked Baby Jabez's name and he got the gift. I really hope he liked it and won't find it too easy.... anyway it's stated from the age of 9months to 3 yrs.

This is the gift Jayden received in return, from Marcus' mommy.

I've been wanting to get Jayden something similar to this but i just couldn't find one that i like. This gift just came at the right moment. Don'cha just love gift exchanges?


Hey! Jav happened to have the same F&P toy as Jayden's xmas gift! its cute and Jav loves to bite it. i hope Jaydens enjoys playing with it too.