04 December, 2006

Pleasant Surprises

Daddy and i were a little worried about Jayden's motorskills development. Comparing with his peers, Jayden seems to be on the slow side. Some of his peers are able to:

  • to sit up right while on crawling position
  • stand and cruise a little with holding onto something as a form of support
  • holding onto the bottle during milk feeds - the most basic skills for 8 month old baby!

Jayden just wasn't quite there yet.

Daddy was the more worried one. Keep on reminding me that we must let Jayden explore and must create the opportunities for him to learn all those skills. I'll be lying if i were to say i was not worried about it at all. But i told myself that i'm not going to make comparison with other kids and force our baby to do things that he's not ready or do not want to do them, yet. If he's ready to do it he will do it.

Came one fine day, Jayden gave us the first surprise. He was able to prop himself up to a sitting position from a crawling state.

The next day, he started to hold onto the side of his play pen and lift himself up while on his knees. He also tried to reach for the diaper cream, tissue box and other stuff that i've placed in the side compartments of his playpen.

The last thing that surprises us is that he's finally willing to hold onto his own milk bottle during his milk feed! I've been trying to teach him to do that several times but he just don't wanna hold it due to laziness i guess! (oops, takes after the mommy!)

"See what i told'ya?" i proudly said to the daddy. So kan chieong for what right? Haha... it's much a relief for me to see these surprises from Jayden too.

Baby can really give us pleasant surprises, can't they?

Here's a pic of Jayden munching on his Munchkin fresh food feeder. He's now also more adept in using his fingers to hold on to smaller objects. I've filled the feeder with apples and he really love it!


Don't worry so much. Lauri also late on everything. When other baby can crawl, she even didn't know how to turn over. But, when she decided that she was ready, whithin one day, she turn over and crawl. Just like that. Same thing happen with walking. And about holding her own bottle? Until today, she prefer me to hold for her!

Yup, I'm a worrier too. Worried that Z not gaining enuf weight, that he's not sleeping enuf etc etc. I tell myself to focus on the things he can do, but always end up worrying anyway. Hehe