12 November, 2006

We Went To Visit

We made it to Aunty B and Uncle J's house this afternoon. The weather was quite good this morning and Jayden's been doing quite well, kinda recovered from his flu and the fever was gone. Oh, and we are supposed to make it up to him for not being able to celebrate his 8 month old birthday yesterday. Is visiting Aunty B and Uncle J's home considered as a post-celebration?

Uncle J has requested Daddy to let Jayden roll on their new bed, supposedly to bring good luck for a newly wedded couple, erm... maybe to have a baby boy very soon after they get married? I dunno.... but i was told by Aunty B that Uncle J prefers to have a girl for their first child.

We were happily yakking away and looking at Jayden flipping and rollin' on their new bed we forgot to take pics... haiz... how could we forget? Now I have nothing to show.

But we did took a pic at the hill top at the Jurong Bird Park this afternoon. No, we didn't go to the Bird Park, we had our lunch at the hill top restaurant.

Not a well taken pic cos' it's taken by the daddy himself with his mobile phone's camera. He was trying his best to capture the 3 of us in the pic.

So did we make it up to Jayden?... Well, i guess i can say we did, cos' Jayden received his first ang pow from Aunty B and Uncle J, for the short flipping stint on their new bed. We hope Jayden will bring them good luck.


Yeah, glad that Jayden has recovered!

The family looks wonderful together. :)