19 November, 2006

Time Flies

Time flies really quickly for us for this weekend.

Daddy came back on Thursday night and tomorrow he will be flying off again to Kuala Lumpur for the whole of next week.


Last friday, I managed to take a breather while daddy spent some time bonding with Jayden. I had my sisters and niece company to have a good hearty lunch at Ichiban Japanese Restaurant. And before i head home, i got a few types of snacks for Jayden.

And while i was out.....

Poor thing... apparently Jayden refused to take his milk.

More activities on Saturday:

Jayden takes to the streets of Orchard Road.

Jayden takes the underpass.

Jayden amazed by the moving posters at the underpass.

Jayden takes the escalator at Isetan Scotts.

Jayden counting the little biscuit bun snacks i bought for him.

And the main highlight of the weekend: The haircut.

Before the haircut, at the salon.

The beginning of the haircut.

In the middle of it... Jayden starts to cry...
"Mom, since when did i say i wanna be botak monk?!"

After the hair cut. Obviously Jayden didn't like it.


Sooo cute!!! He looks so cute even when he's crying. Poor Jayden, guess he misses his mummy...sayang...

aiyo... i simply loves his 'not so happy' look in the last pic. Jayden, auntie missy thinks you are still handsome and adorable after your haircut. dun worry, still can attracts lotsa gals.