06 November, 2006

Taking A Flight In The Pool


This is a picture intensive post. Please leave immediately if you are viewing this blog with a dial-up network. Jayden and the mommy will not be responsible if your computer's gonna hang big time!

We had fun yesterday. Jayden took his first dip in the pool and he was oh-so happy! I think he really enjoyed it though he didn't yell or show any anxiety when daddy lifted him up from the pool after 20mins.

I had great fun too, watching the two of them happily waddling in the pool just made me grin from ear to ear.

Are you ready for some pics?

"I'm all set to go swimming!"

"Hey.... What are we waiting for arh?"

Daddy helping Jayden get into his new "F2" fighter plane!

Jayden trying to figure out how to "fly" his new plane. Ok, please ignore that woman standing behind him. She's...erm.... U guess it! She's mommy aka the hawk aka the life guard on duty!

And see mommy lar, the life guard not doing her job well and looking up in the sky instead! So much for paying maintenance fee!

"Hey u terrorist, don'cha come near me and hijack my fighter plane! Better fly further..."

"No flower... Don't go....."

"Daddy wait... I wanna get the fish outta my mouth!"

"Bye bye pool.... "

After the swim, I quickly prepared lunch for Jayden. He finished everything!

"And it's not enuff leh... See? I got suck on my own fingers...."

Overall, daddy and I think that this little fell actually quite like swimming. We'll be bringing to the pool more often from now on.


Unrelated to swimming but these pics are for Aunty Erin.

Hey Erin, these pics are taken for you! Just wanna thank you for sewing your maiden quilt for Jayden! Finally i washed it over the weekend and put it in his play pen last night. It's really beautiful and colour matches his play pen nicely.... Big "thank you" from Jayden too :o) I'll ask Jayden to sayang you the next time you come visit ok?

What a great weekend! :o)


I love the swimming photos, especially the one where his legs look chubby underwater - Jayden's a natural. I'm so glad the quilt fits.

his float look so cool!!
hey the lifeguard very lazy leh!!!