04 November, 2006

ReCap Of A Weeks' Activities

Didn't do much posting from last saturday till now. So let's do a recap.

Bought Jayden a new toy last saturday. Well... it's not exactly a toy but a Sesame Street Cloth Book featuring Elmo who happens to be Jayden's fave Sesame Street Character. Second in line could be Ernie cos' he simply love to watch "Journey to Ernie".

Daddy bought Jayden's first ever swimming attire on Sunday at Club 21 after the morning Dim Sum date with Ah-gong at Red Star... Jayden's going to make a debut appearance with it very soon cos' the PD just gave the go-ahead for him to swim!

He's also received his first Pneumococcal vaccine jab on Monday. After much discussion with Daddy and the PD, we thought it's best to let Jayden have it. Better to be safe than sorry. The jab cost a whopping S$170.00 and raises Jayden body temperature to 37.7 degrees max. for about 2 days. Not as bad as i thought it would be.

Now, a few new pics of Jayden that i taken while he read..... erm... or we'll call it munch on his new cloth book.

"Mommy said i must learn to read....."

"Haiz.... so sian leh...."

Mommy shouting from the kitchen "Jayden arh! Dun watch TV! Read your book hor!"

" Haiz... sian lar, kanna scolding from Mommy liao, better continue to read..."

"Wait... here's an interesting page..."

"The star said must use brush to brush my teeth...."

"I try...."

" Argh.... bite the brush...."

"Aiya so troublesome, use my own fingers to brush better lar...."

Aiyo Jayden Goh, mommy said READ not EAT!... Haiz....


haha! jayden does look quite serious reading (erm, tasting) the book!

wahaha!!! i had gd laugh reading the comic strip of Jayden and his elmo book! he's simply adorable!

Wahahaha!!! Er... Jayden's a real bookworm? He loves to devour his books?

Trust you to mix reading and eating together...

BTW, love his swimming pics. Should post here also leh...

Haha. Zach loves Elmo too! Ya, agree with mommy Bond, put Jayden's swimming pics here.

aiyoh ur darling boy sooo guai leh! he actually sat there to read the book!!!