11 November, 2006

He's 8 Months Old

Jayden turns 8 month today. 8 long months, both him and i have come a long way....

Coincidentally i went back to EastShore Hospital to my gynae's clinic for my 3rd and last Hep B jab. It was 8 months ago, on the very same day, i gave birth to Jayden at this hospital.

Strange isn't it? I wish he could grow faster, i can't wait for him to be independent and that would mean visiting the loo on his own. But on the other hand, i wish time would slow down so that i wouldn't have to age so fast. Dilemma dilemma....

We planned to bring Jayden to visit Aunty B and Uncle J's new home at Jurong. They are getting married in a month's time. We had to ditch the plan mainly because Jayden is still running a slight temperature and also because the weather wasn't too good, it was raining quite heavily on the east side of Singapore.

So much of celebrating Jayden's 8 month old birthday. I think he sort of knew that today is supposed to be a special day....

"Rain rain go away, Jayden wants to go out and play...... pleeeeeeeaaaassse?"

"No choice lor, gotta stay in the play pen and play with my toy while waiting for the rain to stop...."

Daddy and Mommy will try to make it up to you tomorrow k, my little hunnybun..


Happy 8mth old Jayden!!!