20 November, 2006

For The First Time

It's the first time that Jayden attended someone's birthday party, and it's also the first time that i'll be feeding Jayden his dinner porridge somewhere else other than home.

It was Nathaniel and Sarah's birthday celebration yesterday. Their age difference is 2 years but their birthday are just a a few days apart, or was it a week? ..... erm.... never mind. But i know it's around mid october. Nat's turned 8 while Sarah is 6.

Anyway, to keep this post short, it was totally challenging to give Jayden his dinner porridge during the party.

Firstly, he was way too distracted to eat cos' there were kids running around.

It was a BBQ party, the place was dimly lit and i was straining my eyes to watch out for any alien objects that might fly into the porridge.

I had to fend off onlookers politely as they peered into MY porridge and asking me the ingredients that i've added into it. Cannot appeared to be stressed!

And as if things couldn't get any worse, it started to drizzle and the only shelter were 2 beach umbrellas.

So in the end, Jayden ate only half the usual serving of his dinner, but that's better than not eating any at all. Sorry, no pics of the party to show cos' this mommy was feeling way too stressed to have any taken. But the daddy did took a few pics when we came home after. Daddy said must take picture cos' i dressed Jayden a little differently from the usual.

This is also the first time i dressed him up with a shirt and denim shorts instead of the usual romper style. Thanks to brother James for the shirt, it's a little big but still can wear and Jayden even got a few compliments from it :o)

And who said hunks can only be found in Bollywood? Singapore also have a hunk k?! See? Hunk or not? The only thing he lose out is no chest hair lar.

Oh, and one more thing worth mentioning - I think Jayden has just cut his first tooth. I really think so!


My little Pai Kia looking macho ya?
And with the tooth too!! Congrats!! Now can eat steak liaoz!! :p

Jayden looks really cute in the shirt!! ohh... i love his pai kia aka hunky look. Congrats on tooth fairy visiting!!

*sings* macho macho man. So cool-looking!

He is soo cute with new hair cut. When you give him a hair cut, did he move a lot?

Jayden looks so macho in that shirt!