21 November, 2006

Foot Reflexologist Wannabe?

Yesterday night was a tough. Jayden fussed almost every hour from 12am onwards til 2.30am. I tried not to resort to giving him milk to pacify him, but after i pat pat him for 10mins, i cannot stand it anymore. He slept through 4 solid hours after 150ml of milk.

I attributed his fussing to the sprouting of his tooth. Yes, it's been confirmed by my sister that it's really a tooth sprouting from Jayden's lower gum! I was so excited that i kept on pulling down his lower lip to show and ask whoever that is within my sight to confirm if it's really the real thing, and whenever i pull down Jayden's lower lip, he will sure stick out his tongue. Normal reflexes, i think.

His gum must be in pain or "itchy" we call it, cos' he's constantly putting his fingers and munching on them more often than usual. And now even at meal times he would stuff his hands into his mouth when he's having a mouthful of cereals in there! So you can imagine the mess when he does that. It's really very very exasperating and i'll have the urge to fly all the plates and cup into the sink. Haiz... must practise self control.

The plates and cup didn't fly this moring cos' i managed to make him finish his breakfast. But again he wanted me to bring him to the kitchen to be with me.

Even while in the kitchen i had to entertain him to keep him from yelling out of boredom. I played peek-a-boo with him. And everytime i turn around, he will give me some of his goofy looks.

One of Jayden's goofy looks

Jayden doing the acrobatic act

Huh? You wanna be a foot reflexologist?!

I think the daddy will either faint or laugh until his lungs explode when he sees this post in Kuala Lumpur. Jayden - the goofy foot reflexologist.....


Try some teething gel. Dentinox is tasty. :)

Jayden sure know how to pose for the cam. Jayden, you wanna massage Jav's feet?? try giving him teethers to chew on. Jav is also teething now, he has already 2 teeth on his lower gum and i'm suspecting its the upper gum now.

Lauri was more than 1 year old when she started to have teeth. She did not show that it's ithing or in pain at all. However, she woke up every 2 hours at night. Luckily it passed.

I wish I could do that too- like Jane Fonda :)