10 November, 2006

Feeling Down

Just a quick post while Jayden is sleeping in the sarong right now. He's not feeling so good and has just went to visit the PD this morning.

The fever came yesterday morning, measuring at 37.5 degrees celsius. He was sneezing quite a bit too. Luckily the PD did prescribled Paracetamol and flu medicine when i brought Jayden for his jab last week. I quickly fed him the medicine.

Yesterday night was a real nightmare. Jayden was fussing almost every hour. The daddy and me were dead beaten. Daddy looked as if his eyes were carrying a heavy luggage at the bottom of each eye aka eyebags....

The fever persisted at an average temperature of 37.5 to 37.7 degrees celsius for the whole of last night, so we decided to bring him see his PD early this morning, just in case it's another UTI. But thank goodness it wasn't. It's the flu and a throat infection.

Look at the poor fella. Not his usual chirpy self.

Hope he will recover real soon.....


Oh poor jayden! ya, hope he gets well very good! You take care too!

Hope Jayden recovers soon. Mummy & daddy take care too.

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oh gosh! i was still thinking how come didn't see you in the forum. i hope Jayden is feeling much better now! you have a gd rest too and hope to see you back in the thread soon!