15 November, 2006

Dirty Affair

Bad morning.

I was angry with Jayden cos' he didn't wanna eat his breakfast.
Jayden was angry with me cos' he didn't like what i've given him.

The day started quite well, i thought. Cos' at 8.00am, Jayden was still sleeping soundly. He would normally wake up at around 7 to 7.30am. A little extra bonus time for me to log in to MapleStory and train my bandit girl.

He woke up at 8.37am. Hoola clocked about 1.5% of EXP, consider very good for me and her. Everything was going smoothly until breakfast. As usual, i heated up the jar food and made the cereals. I wonder. Why do babies have such short memory? I've given him exactly what he had for lunch yesterday and he was happily eating. Then why.... why he didn't like it this morning? Same kind of cereals, same flavour of jar food... why? Sudden change of taste overnight? It's so strange.

I tried to force him to take a little more but each spoonful will be rejected with a cringe of his face, or a yell and spit-out, or any other actions that he's capable of getting the food out of his mouth. The more i tried, the more he protested. He cried and cried, and at one point i think he was pleading for mercy with big fat drops of tears streaming down his face. I had to give in.

Seeing him so poor thing, i decided to sayang him a bit. I gave him a Healthy Times teether biscuit in Vanilla flavour. Though i was warned that it could cause a massive mess and the baby could smell like a walking, or rather a crawling teether himself or herself, i still decide to let him have it, as to make it up to him for what happened earlier.

Is it going to be a dirty affair? Take a look and judge for yourself.

"Arh... biscuit.. i like..."

"Hmmm.... it taste so good...."

Still ok lar, not very dirty :o)


Hey, the biscuit looks yummy!!

You should try the Maple ones. Somehow they're messier than the Vanilla ones. Can't comprehend why though.

Then again, Jayden is a lot more adept at eating with his hands now and it may not degenerate into a messy affair. Hmmm...

Anyway, I prefer the taste of the Vanilla ones. Heh!

Hi, I found your blog from Erin (Opportunity Knit) link. I have the same problem with my baby. Very difficult to feed her. Every meal time is a battle between her and my patience.

Hey, so funny, Zach also loves the Bob the builder ad! Jayden doesn't look messy at all! Ok, must try the snack on Z soon. Is it hard?

The Healthy Times Teethers are quite hard, but then it melt in the mouth, not in the hands (hmm.... sounds like M&M slogan)