27 October, 2006

Where's The Photoshoot?

I was looking forward to today. Today is supposed to be the photoshoot day for our family, particularly for Jayden. But too bad that i had to postpone it because of .... well .... would it consider as a silly reason? For my case, no. I wanted Jayden to look his best for the shoot and that would mean wearing the best attires that daddy and mommy could afford.

3 days back i started rummaging through Jayden's wardrobe. I remembered i bought some nice shirts, pants, overall and shorts, some from yahoo auction, some directly online from Old Navy and a polo shirt. With my sister's help, we made Jayden go thru a fitting with those outfits, just like a model going for a fitting before the runway show.

"Is Jayden that small size?!" I had to asked my sister. Those pieces i bought stated 6-9mths, Jayden is 7mth and 2 weeks and those pieces were just way too big for him! Gosh.... is he going for the photoshoot in his birthday suit that fits him best?! I just had to postpone the shoot while i try to hunt for nicer clothings for him.

This is just way too big for him. Makes him look like Wu Da Lang.

"Mom can you please get me out of this stooopid outfit? I feel like a geek..."

So yesterday i went Takashimaya and got him a pair of jeans sized at 6months, and a nice short-sleeve shirt also sized at 6-9months... Somehow the cutting of these 2 apparels seems much smaller compared to the Old Navy ones.

"I know i look smarter with this shirt and jeans.... but mom, can gimme socks, if not my feet smelly how?"

I just need to hunt for 1 more outfit and i have a month's time. Now where else can i find nice clothes for small sized boy like Jayden?


wah, jayden looks so handsome in tat 2nd outfit!

Jayden looks soooo much handsome in his 2nd outfit. the 1st one looks like PJ.