23 October, 2006

Potty And The TV

I was waiting for Jayden to poo this morning. I waited after he drank his first feed for the morning. I waited before his bath. I waited after his bath. I gave up waiting and decided to give him his breakfast cereals. Then it came. The gek sai face. The red eyes, the sudden stop of movements. Quickly i undo the snaps of his romper, unfastened his diaper. There was already poo on his diaper but i refused to give up and quickly propped him on the potty.

"Mom, can you just stop making those um um sound? I'm trying to poo leh...."

So happy when i saw that he peed and there's the extra string of poo in the potty. You must thought that i've gone mad.

After washing him up and finish giving him his breakfast, as part of the daily routine i turned on the VCD "Your Baby Can Read".


"Hmmm... who's behind disturbing me watching my fave vcd huh?"

" you better stop disturbing me arh..."

"hey stop it you irritating papparazzis!"

"I'm gonna punch you and take back the film ok!"

Erm.... ok the VCD is not supposed to teach babies to be violent, so don'cha worry. It's just Jayden showing his true Pai Kia colours.