20 October, 2006

Morning Pot of Gold

Jayden woke up at 7.30am this morning and greeted me with a smile. And guess what's the next thing he did? He pooed. I can smell it from where I was standing, which is about 2 feet away from his play pen. His face was red and he didn't move for 5 seconds which is quite rare since he's like moving non-stop all the time! Well.... i intend to bathe him anyway, so it's just the right moment. But i know he's sure gonna poo again later during cereals time.

He's been really pooing quite a lot lately, a minimum of twice a day compared to once in a day or sometimes he didn't even pooed for a day. Was wondering was it the veggies in the porridge is just too much roughage for him? Or was it the formula the culprit? He's even getting wet farts now which never ever happen in the past! The skin around his anus is getting red too.... I must ask the PD about it on the next visit.

Gosh, I just read from the forum that Taurus' girl had fever of 38.9 degrees after having the P jab! That makes me kinda worried now. I hate it when Jayden has fever, especially after the UTI episode, i'm like a kan chieong cockroach whenever i feel his body temperature rising. But still having the P jab is very important for Jayden with gerger, meimei and big boy always hovering around Jayden fighting for his attention. I just don't want to take the risk.