22 October, 2006

Look Who's Cooking

I love to cook. I hate to cook. I can't decide. But i know i love to see Jayden eating heartily the porridge i cooked for him for his dinner. For consecutively 6 evenings, i served him porridge for his dinner. When i saw him opening his mouth asking for more i was so happy and relieved. I'm practically on cloud 9. No words can describe the joy that i felt. All my efforts, going to the wet market early in the morning at 6.30am, waking up daily to pre-cut and wash all the veggies, the constant checking at the slow cooker to make sure my porridge is not being burnt, worries of whether am i adding too much water, etc etc.... it didn't go down the drain. Finally i don't have to worry about him not taking enough milk. He can at least substitute the loss of milk intake with porridge.

Ingredient that i've used:
1/4 of a white onion
1/3 of a fresh corn
4 florets of organic brocoli
1/3 of a carrot
1 slice of pork fillet
5 stalks of chinese spinach (optional)
5 strings of french beans (optional)

This is what you'll get:

I tasted it myself. Not bad, not bad at all. But still i'm not convinced and so daddy got into picture. Same verdict given. Now i'm pretty confident and motivated to improve on my culinary skills.

Gotta check out more recipes and alternative veggies to add to the porridge.

So, if Yen can cook (Yen happens to me my dialetct name ok!) . So can me :o)

See, i told ya? He likes it!

This afternoon, Daddy decided that it's time to add on new toys for Jayden. Just at the right moment as Robinsons is having 20% storewide sale! Woohoo! Question: which outlet should we go? Centrepoint or Raffles City?

If we were to go Raffles City, there will be organic vegetables available in the MarketPlace, BUT there's no Mothercare in Raffles City. I wanted to get more of the sleevless rompes for Jayden badly cos' he simply look so cute in those i got for him previously.

What if we choose Centrepoint? Well, there's a Mothercare store there and Robinsons at Centrepoint is bigger compared to Raffles City, and i managed to search on the internet and found an organic shop at another nearby mall that's said to be supply fresh groceries and vegetables. So the verdict: Centrepoint.

After buying toys and other stuff for Jayden, we decided to go get a drink at MacDonalds. Daddy suddenly reminded me to get milk forumla for Jayden. So we went Cold Storage next.

Mommy: Hey there's organic veggies available here.
Daddy: Looks good to me. Get some lar.

Mommy: But we going to the organic shop later right?
Daddy: Ya lar, but i believe it's cheaper here compare to that shop right? Just get some lar.

Mommy: Ok lor.

So I grabbed some carrots and a pack of french beans. The carrots cost S$5plus. Done shopping, we went in search of Cuppage Plaza where the organic shop's supposed to be.

Spent 10mins in Cuppage Plaza, daddy and me could hardly breath. The air in the building is stale. It was totally unbearable. So in the end we gave up looking for the store.

Mommy: Forget it lar. Jayden can do without brocoli for his porridge for next week.
Daddy: Or we'll go the usual one that you always go?

Mommy: Issit very troublesome?
Daddy: *silence*

Mommy: It's ok lar. I can substitute the brocoli with french beans for next week's porridge.
Daddy: *silence*

Mommy: But it would be good if Jayden can have brocoli for his porridge. It supposed to be very nutritious.... it's health food. Good for the brain....
Daddy: Let's go the Tanglin Mall. We'll go to the one you frequent most, yah? I'm sure they'll have brocoli there.

Ah. Must say the magic words "IT'S FOR JAYDEN".


A satisfied customer :) He looks soooo cute!